Pray for Algeria: Thursday, August 25

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the LORD. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.”Isaiah 55:8-9 Lord Jesus we pray for Algeria today. We recognize your ways are higher than our ways and pray the people in Algeria will turn their thoughts to You and allow You to establish their ways and turn their hearts back to you.

Pray for Mauritania: Wednesday, August 24

The abolitionist movement

“Thirteen anti-slavery activists in Mauritania have been sentenced to up to 15 years in prison for their alleged role in a riot in June… [they] were arrested in late June and early July after a protest against eviction by residents of a slum in the capital Nouakchott, any of whom are themselves former slaves.”

Read the full article here at Aljeezera

Pray Psalm 45:3-6 over this situation and over the nation, crying out to the true champion of justice:

“Gird your sword on your side, you mighty one;
clothe yourself with splendour and majesty.
In your majesty ride forth victoriously
in the cause of truth, humility and justice;
let your right hand achieve awesome deeds.
Let your sharp arrows pierce the hearts of the king’s enemies;
let the nations fall beneath your feet.
Your throne, O God, will last for ever and ever;
a sceptor of justice will be the scepter of your kingdom.”

Let’s sing this victory song (some of you might want to sing and dance) over Mauritania. May the Lord quicken the day when slavery is abolished, and may multitudes of previously enslaved people and exploiters alike rise up to sing songs of freedom and victory “In Jesus Name.”

The bridge says:

“God is fighting for us
Pushing back the darkness
Lighting up the Kingdom
That cannot be shaken
In the Name of Jesus
Enemy’s defeated
And we will shout it out, shout it out”

Pray for Morocco: Tuesday, August 23rd

Good News upon good news

A French language local magazine recently published an article about 10 items of good news that happened in Morocco in 2016 so far (*see below for a translated summary).

The remarkable thing is that almost all of these new developments concern issues of justice and equity, while the rest relate to the arts and culture.

Praise God that there is a momentum for positive change in this country! 

While changes on paper take time to trickle down, these proposed reforms show that lawmakers are turning their attention towards the the poor and marginalized. Doesn’t this resonate with our Father’s heart?

How is He calling us to agree with Him in prayer that there is much hope for even more radical heaven-on-earth change in this nation?

How is He calling us to persist in proclaiming that the Good News of the gospel will have its way, and that social change is ultimately inadequate without “heart change” that only Jesus can bring?

Let’s pray for an unprecedented wave of changed hearts; a wave of powerful yet “unseen” change to accompany the changes that could be seen all around.

Here is a roughly translated summary of the 10 items of good news. See the original article in French.

  1. The parliament has finally passed a law prohibiting girls under 18 from working as domestic servants.
  2. This July, a bill has been adopted by the government council, which could potentially increase the number of people eligible to be covered by health insurance to up to 60% of the population.
  3. Plastic bags are now banned as part of an ambitious initiative to protect the environment.
  4. All sexist and discriminatory references (especially towards the handicapped) have been edited out of this year’s editions of government textbooks.
  5. Parts of downtown Tetouan (a northern town) is now accessible to people with reduced mobility, thanks to a EU project which is the first of its kind in Morocco.
  6. A fund is being established to help victims of terrorism and natural disasters.
  7. A doctor has recently received authorization to open a gynecological clinic that offers free treatment to Moroccan women in poverty, Syrian refugees, and Sub-Saharan migrants.
  8. The ruling Islamist party of Morocco has proposed a new law that would allow 10 days of paternity leave and and 2 extra weeks of maternity leave (*the current number of weeks is 14).
  9. Two new museums are opened, one in Tangier and another Marrakech. Museums are few in this country, so this is positive news.
  10.  In 2019, an Institute of Fine Arts is due to open in Fes. The project was approved in June.


Pray for Libya: Monday, August 22

ShepherdsLord, there are many ‘voices’ claiming to be the answer to the Libya’s problems and to take control over people and resources. Reveal yourself to the people as the Good Shepherd, who lays down his life for the sheep in Jesus name we pray. (John 10:11)

Call Them

However, he went out and began to proclaim it freely, and to spread the matter, so that Jesus could no longer openly enter the city, but was outside in deserted places; and they came to Him from every direction.—Mark 1:45 NKJV

Holy Spirit awaken hearts of men and women who were touched by the Master to go every where in Egypt and proclaim freely the good news.

We pray Egyptians come to Jesus from every direction. North, South, East and West. Men and women. Young and old and even infants. Rich and poor. Strong and weak. Literate and illiterate.

Make Jesus mighty name known in Egypt
We love YOU

Pray for Algeria: Thursday, August 18

“Rejoice with those who rejoice, and weep with those who weep.
—Romans 12:15

Father God today we weep with the Algerian believers who are suffering for Your name. May we uphold these dearly loved people in prayer before the throne of Him who sees all!

A culture of prayer

“Clearly the Lord is raising up a prayer standard to challenge the darkened, decadent soul of the age. A culture of prayer is what is needed, not a prayer meeting. The Muslims have a prayer culture, but the Christian church has a prayer meeting. How will a nice little prayer meeting contend with the Muslim prayer culture? A great shift is occurring, and as it does, the tongue of fire and the move of God will turn the masses to Jesus, and the cry will be heard once again ‘what must we do to be saved?'” -Lou Engle

What a powerful quote from Lou Engle!  Its our hearts desire at Pray North Africa, that many would join with us to form a culture of prayer that lifts up North Africa daily, weekly, month after month, calling on the Lord to move in power and bring many to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

You can sign up for daily prayers – these are normally short prayer prompts that remind us to pray for the focus nation for each day.

How can you bring others into our culture of prayer?

Thank you so much for joining with us to pray North Africa back to Jesus.

God IS moving and drawing people to Himself.  Pray with faith that the Church will be built and the gates of hell will not prevail.


Dreams, visions, conversations

Accounts of Muslims encountering Jesus in dreams and visions are becoming more and more commonplace. In recent years, we particularly hear stories coming from among Iranians and Middle Eastern Arabs in the Near East, and among diaspora populations all over the world.

What about Mauritanians?

Shall we call out for a shower, no, a downpour of dreams and visions over Mauritanians young and old? Come, Lord Jesus, Come! We hear stories of Muslims having repeated dreams of Jesus. So, pray also that Mauritanians who have already dreamt of Jesus to dream of Him again.

Pray that workers will have more fruitful conversations with friends and new contacts who have seen Jesus in a dream or vision. Pray for an increase of divine appointments where workers can share further about the One whom their friends have already encountered supernaturally.

Spend a moment lifting up the name of the the Lord, who says: “I revealed myself to those who did not ask for me; I was found by those who did not seek me. To a nation that did not call on my name, I said, ‘Here am I, here am I.’” (Isaiah 65:1). This is what He did, and this is what He will do.

Justice for all girls

I recently met a 14 year old girl who just got free from indentured servitude. She was trafficked as a baby to a family, and started working for them as a servant as a young child. Now that she is free, her two biggest hopes are – to finally meet her birth mother, and to have the chance to go to school.

There are many other girls like her. In fact, the demand for baby girls to be groomed as servants explain why local orphanages tend to have many more boys than girls. In recent years, the government and grassroots associations have taken steps to combat human trafficking and child labour. However, changes on the ground are gradual .

Let’s take few minutes to listen to Father God. What does He want to say to the girls and young women in Morocco who are in situations of indentured servitude? What does He want to do for them? Acknowledge His Words and His heart as truth over these girls.

Then, pray

  • For strong advocates for girls among the rich (many have or had indentured servant girls), and among the poor (whose girls are most at risk to be trafficked).
  • For workers who are seeking to bring hope and freedom to exploited girls and women. Pray against discouragement; pray for kingdom impact.
  • For girls who are currently being exploited, or in any form of bondage to have supernatural encounters with Jesus as they cry out to God for help. May Jesus come to their rescue!