As intercessors for North Africa, we challenge Libyans in 2018 to:

“Stand at the crossroads and look;
    ask for the ancient paths,
ask where the good way is, and walk in it,
    and you will find rest for your souls 
Jeremiah 6:16

Thank You Holy Spirit for warning many intercessors to stand & pray protection over the nation through the new year and Christmas celebrations and Thank You Father for answering our prayers and keeping the nation safe through New Year and Eastern Christmas celebrations! There was only one incident in Helwan, Cairo but more was expected and the incident itself was expected to be so much worse. Thank you for praying with the Egyptian Church!

“You are my refuge and my shield; I have put my hope in your word” —Psalms 119:114

Father, It is our sincere prayer that multitudes of Tunisians will be able to declare in 2018 that you are a refuge, shield and only hope.

Lord Jesus today we pray with David the Psalmist specifically for the Algerian people, ‘create in us a pure heart and renew your steadfast Spirit within us. Don’t take your Spirit from us, or cast us away from Your presence. Restore to us the joy of our salvation’. We ask today that the peoples of Algeria would turn their hearts to you, that you are able to know the true joy of your marvellous gift of salvation.

Christ love compels us

“‘For Christ’s love compels us, because we are convinced that one died for all, and therefore all died.’ And he died for all, that those who live should no longer live for themselves but for him who died for them and was raised again.” 2 Corinthians 5:14-15

Pray for Christ followers in Mauritania to be compelled afresh by His love; that they would have the wisdom, compassion and endurance to live for Christ among their Muslim neighbours.

His Perfect Word

“God’s Word is perfect in every way, how it revived our souls! His laws lead us to truth, and his ways make us wise! His teachings make us joyful and radiate His light, his precepts are so pure! His commands, how they challenge us to keep close to His heart! The revelation-light of His Word makes my spirit shine radiant! Living my life in the Holy fear of God keeps me faithful, and to follow Him keeps me full of life! Nothing He says ever needs to be changed. The rarest treasures of life are found in His truth. That is why I prize God’s Word like others prize the finest gold. Nothing brings the soul such sweetness as seeking his living words.” Psalm 19:7-10 (The Passion Translation)

The Word of God is becoming increasingly accessible to Moroccans, especially through the internet and smart phone apps.

  • Pray for those who already have access to the Bible to read, understand and receive it by the power of the Holy Spirit.
  • Pray for those who have been touched and changed by God’s Word to become effective and fruitful in sharing.
  • Pray for the common misconception that “the Bible has been corrupted” to no longer hold sway among the public
  • Pray for 2018 to be a year when the living Word of God will touch every village, town and city of Morocco in each of its 12 regions.

“I have other sheep that are not of this sheep pen. I must bring them also. They too will listen to my voice, and there shall be one flock and one shepherd.” —John 10:16

Lord, we pray for the Libyan sheep to hear your voice, follow you, the Shepherd and become part of your flock.


God is magnificent; he can never be praised enough. There are no boundaries to his greatness.
Psalm 145:3 MSG

2017 is gone and a new year has started. Wishing you all a great magnificent happy new year full of joy peace health and abundance of Papa’s endless LOVE, The Son’s empowering grace and The Holy Spirit’s sweet fiery transforming presence

2017 was a challenging year on many fronts for Egypt but our God is awesome and HE is worthy of all praise and thanksgiving!

Thank You Father for the provision in a very rough season!

Thank You Father for the grace to keep Your church alive and growing. Even blessing many nations around through this rough season of wars and massive refugees fleeing their homes

Thank You Father for the grace to help Your church stand firm to Your ways amidst attacks on the churches and the increasing death toll. Thank You for a church that kept on showing Your love and unimaginable forgiveness to attackers. One of the most well-known talk-shows presenters on one of his shows after a church attack said: “I don’t understand you Christians. How can you still forgive and love those who attacked you this way? You’re far beyond human”

Thank You Father for the many who came to Christ from all backgrounds!

Thank You Father for the dreams and visions from You to Your church and thank You for the many more dreams and encounters You have given to those who are seeking You and asking You to show Yourself to them!

Thank You Father for the growth of the prayer movement all across the nation!

Thank You Father for the increasing commitment of many around the world to the fulfillment of Isaiah 19!

Thank You Father for the increasing number of healings, signs and wonders!

Thank You Father for the many breakthroughs in the Spirit!

Thank You Father for all Your promises for 2018!

We love You praise You and honor You. There are no boundaries to Your greatness! Amen!

Lord God, we pray for Tunisian eyes to open in this year and see your salvation for themselves (Luke 2:30).

Libyan army in east welcomes elections soon as possible.

Benghazi – The spokesperson for Libya’s self-styled national army in the east says the army welcomes holding elections as soon as possible.
In a Wednesday press conference, Brigadier Gen. Ahmed al-Mosmari said the army is ready to secure polling stations across the country and urged the east-based parliament to issue the elections law.
Libya plunged into chaos following a 2011 uprising that toppled and later killed a longtime dictator. It is now split between rival governments and myriad militias.
In September, the UN envoy to Libya, Ghassan Salame, proposed an action plan meant to pave the way for parliamentary and presidential elections and a vote on a new constitution.
The UN-backed government in the west says it plans to hold elections in 2018.

May the peace of God just cover Libya this year, we pray.