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I wish it weren’t so, but this website is going on hiatus. I hope it’s temporary, I have big dreams for this entity but I wouldn’t expect activity here until mid-2020.



We are getting reports from missions interns to the North Africa region. There are young and enthusiastic individuals heading into hard ground to help train believers from a Muslim background and aid evangelistic efforts.

Pray for our Missions Interns

  • That they would catch a fire to see the Gospel spread amongst least reached people
  • For Courage and Boldness first, then safety
  • For their field leaders, to have the time and wisdom to integrate the interns well into the exisiting ministry efforts


Jesus was Lord, but before He started His ministry, He went into the wilderness to fast and pray. He knew the power and place of prayer for the expansion and transformation of the kingdom. There is no way that you are going to succeed in the ministry if you don’t believe in the power of prayer, if you don’t practice what prayer is. Miraculous Movements, Chapter 3

Can you stop and pray for Libya?

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A young Believer from a Muslim background in Libya has been detained by the police since the end of October. It is believed that his detention was instigated by a militant Islamic group. The young Believer uses social media to share Christian material. He was arrested because police claim he is “proselytizing” through social media and there have been allegations of blasphemy made against him.

Although he has been held since October, no official charges have been made and no legal proceedings have begun.  The legal and judicial systems have been largely dysfunctional within Libya since the Arab Spring uprising in 2011.

It is believed that the Believer has been physically abused and that the people holding him are trying to get information from him about other Christians in the country.

Please stop and pray for this young man today:

  • Ask that the Lord would visit him with His tangible presence, bringing encouragement, hope and joy.
  • Pray that he may be released quickly and the case against him dropped.
  • Pray for advocates to speak up on his behalf.
  • Pray that the Church in Libya will grow as a result of the material this young Believer has shared on social media.

Blasphemy charges

On Sunday, August 7, a court sentenced Slimani Bouhafs, a 49-year-old Algerian Christian man, to the maximum penalty of five years imprisonment on blasphemy charges. Algerian cybercrime police arrested Slimani Bouhafs on July 31, accusing him of blasphemy against Islam because of a statement he posted on Facebook. According to Middle East Concern, he published a message on social media “about the light of Jesus overcoming the lie of Islam and its Prophet in the Kabylie area.” President Haddad of the Protestant Church of Algeria (EPA) confirmed the sentence. 

Middle East Concern reports that although his family and an Algerian secular human rights organization appointed lawyers for him, the court claimed that he had elected to defend himself. According to Saïd Salhi, Vice President of the Algerian League for Human Rights (LADDH), this case is an attack on the freedom of conscience and worship. “It is a new attack against the rights guaranteed by national laws.” 
The LADDH calls for a broad mobilization to obtain Bouhafs’ unconditional release from prison. Salhi decried the trial as unfair. “He appeared before the prosecutor the same day of his arrest, without the presence of a lawyer.” The news of Bouhafs’ sentence was a shock for the family of the condemned Christian, and they are concerned about his health. According to his daughter, he suffers from inflammatory rheumatism, a disease that worsens under stress and requires him to follow a special diet. The president of the EPA announced that the council of the church will appeal the sentence.
Father, truly You are the Light of the World, casting out the darkness of sin and evil. We lift up Slimani Bouhafs as he faces this harsh sentence, praying that the appeal will be successful and he will be released soon. You know his special health needs; sustain him during this time and encourage him with a knowledge of our prayers on his behalf. We pray Your hand of protection over Your church in Algeria that this will not usher in a season of increased persecution, but rather will be used to grow Your church and lift high the name of Jesus that all might know that He is truly the Lord of lords. It is in His precious and holy Name that we pray. Amen.
Source: Open Doors