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North Africans find “The Way”

“I want to know the true way” Man from Algeria.

“The Way” campaign was run twice this year. The campaign consisted of a series of videos and social media posts about who Jesus is and what he said about himself. Also published were chapters from the gospel of John. The first campaign was ran in March 2016 for 15 days in 10 Arab countries. The second campaign ran in September 2016 targeting North African countries.

The message was presented to thousands of people. It also left a huge impact on them. some of them started reading the bible ” the book they didn’t believe in before”, others shared with us their pain and personal problems. They asked for advice and prayers, and some of them prayed and accepted Jesus Christ as their personal savior.

“I prayed from my heart” response to a post on salvation prayer.

The September 2016 campaign garnered 369k video views and almost 50k people watched the videos in their entirety. There was 4.1k comments and 1.7k shares.

Join us in prayer for:

  • Effective and fruitful followup
  • Passionate knowledge seekers
  • That future campaigns would bring more seekers to Christ

This was a report received by the Pray North Africa Team

testimoniesWe were given a trove of testimonies from Algeria a while back and we’ve been trickling them out week over week. Prayer is foundational to spiritual transformation, these testimonies are to encourage in you in your fervent prayer for the salvation of the lost peoples of North Africa.

There was a miserable boy who did not have the desire to live. So he thought to end his life one of those days. One night as he was lying down on his bed, he noticed a very tall tree outside the window. He then decided to get up very early the next morning and hang himself on that tree. But early that morning, some community workers came by to pave the road. They cut down the tree to do their job well. When the boy woke up, he looked outside the window and saw that the tree was bent and he understood that God did not want his death. He was a believer in Jesus.

The next day, a Christian went to him and started to talk about Jesus. He said to him: “The devil came to kill but Jesus Christ came to give life.” By telling him this, without knowing this boy’s story, and the boy knowing that no one knew about his decision to end his life except for God, gave his life to Jesus and became his disciple. Amen.

Young North African ManOne day, a young man from my village walked by a well-dressed stranger who asked him where the church was located. It was a weekday. Chérif told him where it was but the stranger insisted that Chérif go with him. Chérif gave in to the request and accompanied him up to the door of the church. When they parted ways, Chérif turned around to see if the stranger went into the church but there wasn’t anyone. Chérif was surprised because there was nowhere else he could have gone. This made Chérif want to come by on a day of worship to see the stranger, but he did not find him. At the end of the worship service, he asked the pastor: “Was there a man who came here on such day at such time?” The pastor and other servants responded that no one came on that day. Chérif was all shaken up, saying to himself maybe God was behind this incident. He came back on the next worship service to listen. God touched his heart and at the end of worship, he gave his life to Christ and shared his testimony.

In conclusion: It was God that sent his angel to bring Chérif to church because it was his day, said Chérif.

Blessed be God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!

MOR 20110225 Ain Yacoub Fez (667)One time at home, we did not have anything to eat. We owed a big debt to the store where we bought our groceries. The owner stopped giving us an extension to pay up. My dad did not work. My brothers were going to school. Anyway, we did not know what to do. I started praying. All night, I asked God to provide for our needs for food. The next day early in the morning, my mom heard knocking on the door. No one was at the door. She just found on the floor a crib full of what we needed and more. It was incredible but what was highly unlikely was that three days later the crib was nowhere to be found to the point that my mom suspected that I returned it to its owner. So I said it was not me who took it but that it was God who sent it. Hearing this, my family made fun of me. But I was certain that mom kept this in her heart.

God doesn’t give up on anyone. Amen!

Miraculous Healing in Algeria!

Algerian Man

In April 2013, a girl who was not a believer in Jesus was sick. Her dad, however, was a believer. When she went to the doctor, she was told she had cancer and for 3 months, she was bleeding. The doctor told her she needed surgery, but would have little chance to survive. So her dad asked the church for prayers, and they lifted their voices to God for the girl. One day, the girl told her dad, “I will not have the surgery. I believe in Jesus Christ, the One you believe in. I have the assurance that He will heal me” (her dad had told her about Christ).

After a few days, her dad told her, “Let’s go see the doctor for a check up.” The girl agreed to do the scan, but not the operation. After she had done the scan, they couldn’t find anything. Her sickness disappeared. Glory to God! Amen. Her faith in Jesus Christ healed her. Jesus Christ still heals today all those who have faith in Him. Amen!

A Testimony of Healing

Moroccan Man Praying

In 2008, there was a woman who lived in France. One day, she got pregnant. During her 7th month pregnancy, the baby was going to die in her stomach. So the husband called his father-in-law who was a Christian and asked for prayers for his wife so that she would be spare from death. The father asked the church for prayers for his daughter. God heard and did a miracle: the baby revived in his mom’s stomach and the day came when he was born alive and his mom was saved. Glory to God!

When the boy was 2 year-old, he had two health issues: He was not talking and he had water in his ears and needed surgery. One day, they went to visit the parents as a family. So they all went to church and when the church prayed for the boy, the water disappeared from his ears and he started talking. At the same time, the boy’s dad gave his life to Jesus and believed in him with lots of tears in his eyes.

Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. He will never change. Amen.

There was a retired man who believed in Jesus. He was fervent in prayers. He had a son who was a drunk and who would waste his dad’s money. But his dad loved him anyway and was always praying for his son. One day, his son went out driving with his friends to go get drunk until the next morning. While returning home, they encountered thieves who beat him up and took his car. His friends took off and left him all alone, lying on the ground. He was badly hurt by the thieves. The next day, when he woke up, what struck him was that he found a Bible underneath his head. He got up, not understanding anything and when he went home, he told his dad everything. His dad forgave him and embraced him. That same day, his son gave his life to the Lord Jesus Christ and he steered away from the wrong path. What we sow in prayers, we will reap one day.



Once a Christian man went bankrupt from his business and owed 1 billion Dinars. Krimo saw him, and along with other friends, went to a coffee shop and prayed together for the man’s situation. The man said his family had a property for sale but there was problem selling it. They prayed for that as well. A month later, the house sold for 2.5 billion Dinars. After that, this man spent lots of time with Krimo, going to church, praying, and even sharing the gospel together, because he wanted to do like Krimo.

Testimony from Algeria

Marrakech Crowd
A woman who believed in Jesus had a husband and children who weren’t believers. They persecuted her all the time and this lasted for years. She didn’t respond to them, but always blessed them. One day, her husband became seriously ill. He couldn’t walk or even move, and it was his wife who took care of him. She would bathe him and feed him. She did it from the heart. One day, her husband asked her, “Why do I hurt you and yet you take care of me?” So his wife told him about Jesus, what He said and did. Little by little, this man began to open his heart to Christ until the day he accepted Jesus in his life. A few days later, he was completely healed and started saying all the good things his wife did for him. He said, “Before, I was blind to Christ; now, I see Him through my wife.” A while later, all their children became Christians.

Men don’t just believe the Word, but by the works they see through us.