Pray for Mauritania: Wednesday, September 13

Classrooms of Mauritania

Pray for the children and youth of Mauritania as the new school year begins.

Only about 5% of Mauritanian high school students successfully pass the exams that qualify them for a high school diploma and a place in university. This is due largely to an underdeveloped education system, and in part to a culture that places higher value on preserving traditions than on learning or innovation. As such, many children and youth encounter discouragement and frustration in their studies.

  • Pray for God to bless each Mauritania classroom with vitality and vision.
  • Declare hope over the students of Mauritania. Pray for this generation of youth to break away from the negative cycles of the past.
  • Bless each young mind in the name of Jesus – may they be filled with curiosity, creativity, and determination.

We believe that future followers of Christ are among these dear students of Mauritania. And we pray that they will begin their journeys in Him soon.

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