Sharing the Gospel in a hospital waiting room

Photo by Peter Kirkeskov Rasmussen
Photo by Peter Kirkeskov Rasmussen

On our team we’ve been trying to answer the question, “What’s it going to take to see a church planting movement in Morocco?” And the answer is meeting more people so we can find the right people, the ones that God is preparing. So our mantra is, “I’m a person of interest looking for a person of peace who will start a Discovery Bible Study in their network that will lead to a movement.”

Lately I’ve felt like there haven’t been many opportunities, but then an expat friend needed a procedure done at a clinic downtown, so I volunteered to go with her. In looking around the small waiting room crammed with 15-20 people, I quickly realized that everyone in the room was related to someone undergoing a similar procedure and that we were all going to be together for the next 2-3 hours. I thought, “God, please give me an opportunity to be bold for you.” God answered my prayer! I tried making eye contact, smiling, but nothing was working, so I made a phone call to a friend so they could hear me speak Arabic. Immediately all eyes in the room were on me, and three ladies started talking to me. I asked about the family member they were waiting for, and said, “God heal him in the name of Jesus the Messiah.”

Over the course of the next 3 hours, I got to tell them the Gold Thief story, answering their objections and proclaiming truth. And then they listened to the Creation story on my phone in Moroccan Arabic. I told them that the story came from a web site called, and wrote the web site on the back of several of my business cards. A man sitting behind me spoke up and said, “Can I have one of your business cards?” I didn’t realize that he’d been listening, but it was obvious that the whole room was listening. So when the receptionist asked me about the web site, I unplugged the earphones from my phone and played the Creation Story for her (and the rest of the room).

The ladies who’d first listened to the story were curious about the web site, so I pulled up 1 Corinthians 13 in Moroccan Arabic on my phone, and one woman read the passage out loud. The woman sitting next to her said, “So if I go to this site I’ll be able to read beautiful things like this?” And I said, “Yes, the Injil is on this web site in Moroccan Arabic.”

Later there was a woman who was quite upset, because her father was one of the last to come out, and he’s been very sick, so I just sat down next to her, put my arm on her shoulder, gave her a Kleenex, and just listened. Then I told her to remember that in the Injil it says that God takes care of the birds of the air and the flowers of the field, and that we are more precious to God than birds and flowers and He will take care of us.

Seeds were sown that day in so many ways!

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  1. May the Lord lead those who heard the seeds on that day to salvation in Christ. We ask for fruit to come from that day! Amen.

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