Testimony from Algeria

Marrakech Crowd
A woman who believed in Jesus had a husband and children who weren’t believers. They persecuted her all the time and this lasted for years. She didn’t respond to them, but always blessed them. One day, her husband became seriously ill. He couldn’t walk or even move, and it was his wife who took care of him. She would bathe him and feed him. She did it from the heart. One day, her husband asked her, “Why do I hurt you and yet you take care of me?” So his wife told him about Jesus, what He said and did. Little by little, this man began to open his heart to Christ until the day he accepted Jesus in his life. A few days later, he was completely healed and started saying all the good things his wife did for him. He said, “Before, I was blind to Christ; now, I see Him through my wife.” A while later, all their children became Christians.

Men don’t just believe the Word, but by the works they see through us.

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