There was a retired man who believed in Jesus. He was fervent in prayers. He had a son who was a drunk and who would waste his dad’s money. But his dad loved him anyway and was always praying for his son. One day, his son went out driving with his friends to go get drunk until the next morning. While returning home, they encountered thieves who beat him up and took his car. His friends took off and left him all alone, lying on the ground. He was badly hurt by the thieves. The next day, when he woke up, what struck him was that he found a Bible underneath his head. He got up, not understanding anything and when he went home, he told his dad everything. His dad forgave him and embraced him. That same day, his son gave his life to the Lord Jesus Christ and he steered away from the wrong path. What we sow in prayers, we will reap one day.


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