Miraculous Healing in Algeria!

Algerian Man

In April 2013, a girl who was not a believer in Jesus was sick. Her dad, however, was a believer. When she went to the doctor, she was told she had cancer and for 3 months, she was bleeding. The doctor told her she needed surgery, but would have little chance to survive. So her dad asked the church for prayers, and they lifted their voices to God for the girl. One day, the girl told her dad, “I will not have the surgery. I believe in Jesus Christ, the One you believe in. I have the assurance that He will heal me” (her dad had told her about Christ).

After a few days, her dad told her, “Let’s go see the doctor for a check up.” The girl agreed to do the scan, but not the operation. After she had done the scan, they couldn’t find anything. Her sickness disappeared. Glory to God! Amen. Her faith in Jesus Christ healed her. Jesus Christ still heals today all those who have faith in Him. Amen!

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