Young North African ManOne day, a young man from my village walked by a well-dressed stranger who asked him where the church was located. It was a weekday. Chérif told him where it was but the stranger insisted that Chérif go with him. Chérif gave in to the request and accompanied him up to the door of the church. When they parted ways, Chérif turned around to see if the stranger went into the church but there wasn’t anyone. Chérif was surprised because there was nowhere else he could have gone. This made Chérif want to come by on a day of worship to see the stranger, but he did not find him. At the end of the worship service, he asked the pastor: “Was there a man who came here on such day at such time?” The pastor and other servants responded that no one came on that day. Chérif was all shaken up, saying to himself maybe God was behind this incident. He came back on the next worship service to listen. God touched his heart and at the end of worship, he gave his life to Christ and shared his testimony.

In conclusion: It was God that sent his angel to bring Chérif to church because it was his day, said Chérif.

Blessed be God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!

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