A Testimony of Healing

Moroccan Man Praying

In 2008, there was a woman who lived in France. One day, she got pregnant. During her 7th month pregnancy, the baby was going to die in her stomach. So the husband called his father-in-law who was a Christian and asked for prayers for his wife so that she would be spare from death. The father asked the church for prayers for his daughter. God heard and did a miracle: the baby revived in his mom’s stomach and the day came when he was born alive and his mom was saved. Glory to God!

When the boy was 2 year-old, he had two health issues: He was not talking and he had water in his ears and needed surgery. One day, they went to visit the parents as a family. So they all went to church and when the church prayed for the boy, the water disappeared from his ears and he started talking. At the same time, the boy’s dad gave his life to Jesus and believed in him with lots of tears in his eyes.

Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. He will never change. Amen.

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  1. Praise the Lord! God is so good. His love is great. His power is like no other. There is no God like our God. Its so wonderful to know that He loves North Africans so much, and desires them to know Him too. Thanks for this great testimony. It lifts my heart and helps me to pray for Algeria.

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