testimoniesWe were given a trove of testimonies from Algeria a while back and we’ve been trickling them out week over week. Prayer is foundational to spiritual transformation, these testimonies are to encourage in you in your fervent prayer for the salvation of the lost peoples of North Africa.

There was a miserable boy who did not have the desire to live. So he thought to end his life one of those days. One night as he was lying down on his bed, he noticed a very tall tree outside the window. He then decided to get up very early the next morning and hang himself on that tree. But early that morning, some community workers came by to pave the road. They cut down the tree to do their job well. When the boy woke up, he looked outside the window and saw that the tree was bent and he understood that God did not want his death. He was a believer in Jesus.

The next day, a Christian went to him and started to talk about Jesus. He said to him: “The devil came to kill but Jesus Christ came to give life.” By telling him this, without knowing this boy’s story, and the boy knowing that no one knew about his decision to end his life except for God, gave his life to Jesus and became his disciple. Amen.

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