I want to come to Church

A worker in North Africa shares with us:

“I was up early on the Sunday morning heading to our International Church to lead the worship.  I was carrying my guitar in hand and stopped into a cafe along the way for a cup of my favorite strong coffee to get my day started.  Seeing my guitar, the waiter asked me what I was doing and where I was going.  I replied, “I am going to church”.  The conversation continued.  He wanted to know about church and what we do there.  He asked what we use the guitar for and commented that there is no singing in the mosque.  He was so interested to know more and said, “Oh I really want to come with you, but I have to work!”.

“I am really struck that so much has changed in my nation in the last couple of years.  Before I used to have many of the same kind of discussions with people. Always arguing with me.  Often trying to convert me to Islam.  These days, that happens far less. Now, people just want to know more.  They are curious.  They have questions. They are more likely to just listen and accept what I have to say.  They disagree with me less. They are open to know more.  We feel God has been answering our prayers that He would soften people’s hearts and cause them to be more open to hear and receive the Good News.  We have prayed for years that the seed would fall on good soil, not on hard and rocky ground to be blown away by the wind or eaten by the birds.  And we feel that our prayers have been answered. Its a new season in North Africa.  The Arab Spring certainly ushered in many changes, and this openness is one of them.  There are so many opportunities, and so few workers.  The harvest field is ripe, but where are the labourers?  Is God calling you? Come and join us.  We need your help.”

How to pray :

  • For more of these kinds of opportunities to share.
  • For more workers to join the work in North Africa to keep up with the interest being shown.
  • For more North Africans to be convinced of the Truth and Life that is found in Jesus.
  • That a mighty harvest will come across North Africa and the Church will grow in unprecedented ways!

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