Just a One-Liner

Moroccan Instrument

A worker stopped into a music store to ask whether they came to homes to tune pianos. After getting all the details of the services provided, the worker asked the price which was quite expensive. Thanking the shop assistant for the information, they turned to leave the shop and said, “Well its expensive, but Jesus has paid it all for me!”. By this time the worker was almost to the front door about to leave, when the shop assistant called out, “Wait, wait!  Come back.  What did you mean when you said Jesus paid it all?”  So they had a very encouraging spiritual discussion all about what Jesus has done for us.  How he died for each one of us. How He took on Himself all our sins, and mistakes, and wrong thoughts, and He took the punishment for all of it, so that God doesn’t have to punish us individually on that day of judgement.

“Have you ever read the Bible?”, the worker asked.  The shop assistant had not but wanted to, so a Bible was given and some passages pointed out as good places to start reading. Now the follow up begins.

How can we pray?

  1. Praise God that just a one-line sentence spoken by the worker brought about a very productive spiritual discussion
  2. Praise God for the shop assistant’s openness.  Ask that he may read the Bible, and want to study it together with others
  3. Ask that God would give workers one-line sentences like this one, to say throughout the day, in all different circumstances – just one-liners that catch the attention of spiritually interested North Africans

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