A vision leads to salvation

Source: Pray4Tunisia

Reem and her sister both met Jesus in a vision.  This encounter gave them a deep desire to learn more about Him.  Praise the Lord, He caused them to meet with a Christian who was able to give them a Bible.  Through reading God’s Word, Reem decided to put her faith in Jesus Christ.  Now she reads the Bible every day and looks for ways she can share the Gospel with her friends and neighbours.  Despite persecution from her family, she continues to faithfully follow Jesus.

How can we pray?

  • Praise God for this testimony
  • Ask God to bring her sister to faith as well
  • Ask God that other members of their family will be softened and willing to pursue Jesus to know the Truth about Him
  • Pray that God will grow Reem’s faith, knowledge and experience of who He is
  • Pray that she will be set free from any spiritual bondages in her life and from her family
  • Ask that she will grow in fellowship with other believers
  • Pray that a mighty harvest will come across Tunisia in 2015

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