Record Grain Harvest in Morocco

At the start of 2015, workers in Morocco got together, asking God to show them what to pray for this year.
God started speaking about harvest.
Its time to pray for a mighty harvest across North Africa. 
Its time to call forth a spiritual harvest of souls in Morocco. 
Much sowing has been done over the last decades but church growth is slow.  So many workers across the nation joined together to fast and pray for the first ten days of the year, specifically asking God to bring in a harvest in Morocco.

The theme has continued through out the year in many prayer times.

It was encouraging to note that this year’s grain harvest in Morocco is a record high. Agriculture and Fisheries minister, Aziz Akhannouch, announced that the cereal harvest had reached a record 11 million tons in the current year, and the harvest is not yet over. This is up 63% from the previous year.

Just a coincidence?  We don’t think so.  All the prayers for harvest have been answered. Blessing in the physical world.  And we continue to pray for the spiritual harvest to come.

During Ramadan, please pray for the harvest to continue to come. Ramadan often brings a religious spirit, as many strive to fulfil their annual religious duty. This often brings a hardness of heart, and a decreased interest in anything other than Islam. Join with us and pray that this may not be the case across North Africa this year. Ask God to bind this religious spirit and cut it off from North Africa. Ask God to speak loudly into the ears of those who are seeking, specially those who were interested in the Gospel prior to Ramadan. May this only increase during Ramadan. Pray that people will come to faith in Jesus during the month of Ramadan. Pray for the protection over seeds sown. Pray for seeds to fall into good soil!  May Jesus be glorified across North Africa during Ramadan.


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