I’m still waiting for fruit

A worker shares with us:

“You know, we’ve felt a shift take place in Morocco in the last year or so. More people are open to hear what we have to share. I feel like I am sharing the Gospel, and my testimony more often than I used to, and people are more eager to talk about the things I share. But, there are days when I feel a bit discouraged. I’ve been here for a few years now and I have seen none of my friends and contacts come to know Jesus. Some are quite interested, and I pray that God will bring them to the point of wanting to take that leap into His Kingdom. But its hard to go on, week in, week out, sharing and talking, but still have so little fruit. Sometimes I feel Satan try to bring discouragement and despair, telling me its not worth it all, and I should go home. Its hard to stand against that some days. I know God loves Morocco and He has a plan for this nation. I really believe a harvest will come, but I pray today that I will have the patience to wait for God’s timing, and to not give up. Can you pray this for me too?”

Let’s pray for this worker and many like them.

  1. Pray for encouragement
  2. Pray that God will strengthen them to keep going, keep sharing, keep sowing seeds and keep living in North Africa
  3. Pray that the Light of Jesus will shine through the lives and witness of the Christian workers in North Africa
  4. Pray for good health, provision and protection over workers
  5. Pray that God will give workers rest, fun, joy and abundant life as they serve Him in North Africa

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