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A worker from Egypt shares:

Eric Schmidt (former Google CEO) expects that every person on Earth will be connected to the Internet by 2020 (Yes 5 years from now!). It would be an impossible mission to invite all of them to physically attend a Jesus film display, but can we give them a chance to watch the movie on social media?

In a country like Egypt (The biggest Arab country in population), online users are growing 10% year over year. This means that by 2020 70% of population could be connected, implying that 100% is not far-fetched.

In 2015, 30 million people in 10 Arab countries had a chance to decide to watch Jesus film on social media. Each person got an average of 3 invitations to watch. One out of 25 people started to watch the movie. In September 2015, Jesus Film ministry ran the latest campaign. In 1 month, almost 10K people stayed from the first minute & finished the whole movie.

Pray that:

  • Ministries would continue to creatively use the internet to present opportunities to share the gospel message
  • That North Africans would respond to the message of the cross
  • That followup workers would be prepared for the success of campaigns such as this, being able to shepherd seekers into existing local fellowships or creating them where they don’t existx

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