Sharing the Gospel of Luke

jesus film morocco

A worker in the middle east has completed a social media advertising campaign where the opportunity to watch the Jesus film was offered to more than 10 million people in 11 different middle east and north african countries, stretching from Somalia to Mauritania. Of those 10 million people who received invitations 750,000 started watching the video and 8,000 finished the video based on the Gospel of Luke.

The results were encouraging: Feedback was received from seekers, even in Mauritania, a desert country generally considered completely unreached.

  • Pray for the ministry producing these online campaigns, the potential for reaching people with the gospel through online ministries is tremendous.
  • Pray for their funding, running campaigns requires a financial commitment.
  • Pray for followup workers who will be fielding the questions campaigns such as this one. Pray for a patient and gentle spirit as they shepherd seekers to Christ.
  • Pray that these teams would wield and re-weild the tools available to them for maximum kingdom impact.

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