Mobile Ministry Opportunity in Morocco

Libyan on Cellphone
Workers in-country claim the this quartz report is not accurate, that in some circumstances whatsapp, viber and skype are still functioning.

However, in the same report they cite third-party statistics indicating that 140% of Moroccans have a smartphone. What?! Thanks to Telecom economics in country many Moroccans actually keep two phones in their pockets to be able to make cheap calls to their friends on distinct networks.

This is a great opportunity! The Moroccan dialect New Testament in written and spoken form is available to 140% of Moroccans through the mobile app. Moroccans have access to YouTube and Facebook through the privacy of their hyper-personal mobile phone.

PRAY for ministries to capitalize on this golden opportunity! There is growth in this sector, one ministry is reporting 50,000 weekly views of their evangelistic videos on Facebook, but there is always room for growth.


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