A seven hour bus ride, for what??

A worker in a North African nation felt one day that the Lord was prompting her to go and visit a family she had met and had some contact with.  The problem? They lived in a city about seven hours away by bus.  It was a long journey.  But the feeling persisted, so the worker called the family and asked if she could come and visit with them.  A welcome was extended, so the long bus ride was undertaken. Upon arrival, although the cultural welcome was given, the family didn’t seem all that interested in the visit of this worker.  No spiritual conversations took place.  Family members seemed busy, and nothing much seemed to happen.  It became obvious to the worker that the older woman in the house was quite involved in folk Islam and witchcraft. There was quite a heavy spiritual atmosphere in the home and the worker became discouraged, “I took a seven hour bus ride for this??”  Disappointed and a bit confused, the worker said her good-byes the following day and returned to the bus station. Another long bus ride lay ahead!  Soon after the worker took a seat in the bus, the young lady sitting next to her initiated conversation. Conversation soon moved onto spiritual things and there was much interest and openness. The seven hour bus ride turned into a seven hour conversation about all manner of spiritual and personal things. At the end of the ride, they exchanged phone numbers and have continued to stay in touch.  “So this is what that bus ride was all about,” the worker thought. It was a reminder to follow the promptings Jesus gives to us, and obey Him – who knows what might unfold?

  • Praise God for the worker’s obedience.
  • Pray that workers will be freshly reminded to pay attention when the Holy Spirit leads and guides them.
  • Praise God for the seeds sown during that long conversation.
  • Pray that this young lady will continue to seek and come to know Jesus as her Savior.

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