North Africans find “The Way”

“I want to know the true way” Man from Algeria.

“The Way” campaign was run twice this year. The campaign consisted of a series of videos and social media posts about who Jesus is and what he said about himself. Also published were chapters from the gospel of John. The first campaign was ran in March 2016 for 15 days in 10 Arab countries. The second campaign ran in September 2016 targeting North African countries.

The message was presented to thousands of people. It also left a huge impact on them. some of them started reading the bible ” the book they didn’t believe in before”, others shared with us their pain and personal problems. They asked for advice and prayers, and some of them prayed and accepted Jesus Christ as their personal savior.

“I prayed from my heart” response to a post on salvation prayer.

The September 2016 campaign garnered 369k video views and almost 50k people watched the videos in their entirety. There was 4.1k comments and 1.7k shares.

Join us in prayer for:

  • Effective and fruitful followup
  • Passionate knowledge seekers
  • That future campaigns would bring more seekers to Christ

This was a report received by the Pray North Africa Team

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