Can you stop and pray for Libya?

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A young Believer from a Muslim background in Libya has been detained by the police since the end of October. It is believed that his detention was instigated by a militant Islamic group. The young Believer uses social media to share Christian material. He was arrested because police claim he is “proselytizing” through social media and there have been allegations of blasphemy made against him.

Although he has been held since October, no official charges have been made and no legal proceedings have begun.  The legal and judicial systems have been largely dysfunctional within Libya since the Arab Spring uprising in 2011.

It is believed that the Believer has been physically abused and that the people holding him are trying to get information from him about other Christians in the country.

Please stop and pray for this young man today:

  • Ask that the Lord would visit him with His tangible presence, bringing encouragement, hope and joy.
  • Pray that he may be released quickly and the case against him dropped.
  • Pray for advocates to speak up on his behalf.
  • Pray that the Church in Libya will grow as a result of the material this young Believer has shared on social media.

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