Praying for Casablanca

Casablanca is a huge, sprawling city that keeps spreading out further every year. Official statistics indicate the population is about 4 million people, but every local knows its a lot more. Shanty towns crowded with people are hard to count in the census. Most people say its likely to be closer to 6-8 million people. Its by far the largest city in Morocco.

This is the business capital of Morocco (the nation’s capital city is Rabat). Most major multi-nationals have offices in Casablanca. Its port is enormous. Trade, enterprise, economics are the foundations of this city.

The lure of the big city and the hope of employment draw many from within Morocco to move to Casablanca. But employment is not easily found and many find themselves living in shanty towns surviving on the smallest income made through any means available.

The contrasts of this city are easily seen. One can drive through the poverty of a shanty town to get to Morocco Mall, the nations first major Saudi-funded mall filled with all the international brands such as Starbucks, GAP, Louis Vuitton and Cartier. There is a lot of money in Casablanca too!

There are few workers in this city, and the national church is very small.

How can we pray?

  1. Ask God to raise up Kingdom business and open doors for workers in the business community.
  2. Pray that corruption, greed and the love of money will be torn down.
  3. Pray that those who are poor and needy will search for Jesus. Praise God that the Bible says that when people seek the Lord, they will find Him.
  4. Ask that the youth and next generation of leaders will not fall into the traps of materialism. Pray for those who are tired of religion and hypocrisy to begin to search for Truth and meaning in their lives.
  5. Ask that the Lord build His Church in Casablanca both in number, but also in unity, love, maturity, faith, boldness, and courage. May the Lord impart a vision for reaching this great city for His Kingdom to His church.

Watch a short prayer video on Casablanca

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