Christian Convert in Algeria Risks Loosing Daughter for New faith


A Muslim woman in a northern Algerian city wants a divorce from her husband because he has converted to Christianity. She left him 6 months ago when she found out about his new faith and has refused to let their daughter see her father.

A court in Algeria has told Ali Touahir, a recent convert to Christianity, that he should renounce his faith if he wishes to reconcile with his wife and be reunited with his 7 year old daughter.

When asked if he would be prepared to renounce his Christian faith and return to Islam, Mr Touahir replied,

If there is a change, it would be in my heart, which neither you (the judge) nor my wife can see or understand. My faith in God is personal; this is a matter between me and God alone.

Let us pray:

Father, please strengthen Mr.Touahir right now. May You be speaking to him day and night. Pour out Your love for him. Give him Your peace and comfort and presence in this difficult situation. Soften the hearts of his wife and family towards him. Draw them to Yourself too. May he find fellowship with other believers that will encourage him at this time. Thank you for his willingness to follow you even though it comes at a personal cost. Bless him with your abundant goodness.

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