New Constitutions for Tunisia and Egypt

New Constitutions for Tunisia & Egypt

After 2 years Tunisia has drafted a new Constitution that has won the support of both the Islamist party and secular opposition. It has been hailed as one of the most liberal constitutions in an Arab nation, enshrining universal freedoms and rights and calling for parity for women in elected bodies. Though the country remains divided over the role of religion in public life, those divisions were set aside in order to guarantee freedoms and prevent a return to dictatorial rule overthrown at the start of the Arab Spring. Meanwhile, Egyptian Christians are rejoicing following the passage of a new constitution that replaces the 2012 Islamist-sponsored code and strengthens their rights and freedoms.

How can we pray?

  1. Pray that the freedoms these new constitutions promise will be valued and upheld.
  2. Ask that those who would stand in the way of these new constitutions be removed from positions of authority and power.
  3. Pray that religious freedom and the ability to choose what you have faith in becomes a greater topic of discussion.
  4. Lift up the youth in these nations as they wrestle with what they believe in, that they will hunger and thirst for righteousness and justice, love and mercy.
  5. We know that we can only really put our trust in God our Heavenly Father, as He is the only one who is truly unchanging, always true and can bring freedom. Ask that people in Tunisia and Egypt will really know and experience this reality and search for the God of Freedom.


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