Powerful Testimonies from Algeria

Algeria archGod is amazing in His power and creativity in the ways He draws people to Himself.

Listen to these testimonies from Algeria:

An evangelist went around on the streets asking people if they had seen a glowing man in robes in visions or dreams. Many said no, so he told them, “If it happens, it will be Jesus. Come to me and we’ll talk about it.” Some however had seen Him in dreams, to whom he would explain the Gospel in detail and pray with.


A young man developed severe depression for two years. He had hardly slept for three months and his family tried everything: doctors, sorcerers, imams—all in vain. A Muslim neighbour told him, “I hear that, in a nearby town, there is a church where the pastor prays for people and they are healed. Why not try that?” He attended the service and then went forward for prayer. He left as a follower of Christ, and went home to sleep through the night from that point on. His family was amazed and asked what medicine he was taking, He replied that in fact he took none at all; he had gone to the Christians who prayed for him. His family said, “We all have different needs. Let us all go there and see what happens.” He had a truck, which he filled with people to take to church; nearly all of them trusted Christ that day. When we went to his home to record his testimony, the whole family came and said, “Everyone of us has a story and we want to tell them on TV.”

The faith of these believers is simple and therefore powerful. They believe the Word of God. One brother heard of a woman sorcerer who would use her power to destroy families, bring sickness, ruin businesses and other destructive results. Women seeking children, or families not wanting a child to marry a particular person will seek her help. It is a lucrative business. After praying and fasting, the brother went to see her in her home. The powers of darkness recognize the power of God’s light; as he entered her home, she screamed. He rebuked her in Jesus’ name and bound the evil spirit in her. She fell to the ground as he kept praying. When she awoke she confessed, “Jesus came to me in a dream five years ago but I rejected Him. Today is my day.” He explained the Gospel and she became a lover of Jesus. She immediately renounced her past, and many families have come to Christ through her witness.

How can we pray?

  • Thank God for the boldness of the evangelist who goes looking for people who have had dreams of Jesus. Ask God to continue to connect him with people who have had dreams so that he can explain the meaning of the dream and introduce people to Jesus.
  • Pray for the family who put their trust in Jesus because He met many of their needs and answered their prayers in powerful ways. Ask God to fill them with a hunger for His Word, that as a family they will read the Bible together and learn and grow in their faith quickly. Pray that as a family they will soon be the hub of a church fellowship.
  • Praise God that His power overrules the power of darkness. Praise God that the sorcerer had a power encounter with God’s great power and love. Ask God to fill her with faith to share her testimony with other sorcerers. Pray that she will become a powerful instrument for God’s saving grace for those who struggle with demonic oppression.
  • Ask God to surround the believers in Algeria with His presence. Ask God to teach them how to cover and protect themselves in the spiritual battle. Ask God for His mighty army of angels to defend His Church in Algeria when they face persecution and spiritual attack. May their faith grow in leaps and bounds as they grow more in knowledge and experience of His Word and Christian life.

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