Following Jesus in Secret
In Egypt, as in all North African nations, there are many who follow Jesus in secret. For some, their family circumstances make it very difficult to openly declare they are Christians. Others do not know or realize that there are other Muslim-background Christians in their city to fellowship with. For many, being willing to pay the price of persecution for turning away from Islam to follow Christ is a very big step and may take time for the boldness to do so.

Here are two testimonies from Egypt:

Fatima is a great-grandmother who can recall a life spent in tents. Illiterate, she has heard the dramatized Bible on tape and seen mighty answers to Christians’ prayers for her family in Jesus’ name. She has asked how a Muslim can follow Jesus and confided that she knows other locals who share this faith. One of her sons and his wife appear to be secret believers and gladly receive Christian materials.


Abdul is a secret believer who has gladly received many Christian materials on Christian faith and witnessing. A violent man in the past, his life dramatically changed after reading through the Bible. His wife and mother also are secret believers, but their extended family has a history of demonic influence; a brother has been an informer in the past. Abdul was given resources on inner healing, freedom from bondage and spiritual warfare.

How can we pray?

  1. Pray for the strengthening of faith of secret believers across Egypt today.
  2. Ask that the Lord will continue to grow their faith and boldness until one day they are willing to openly declare their love for Jesus.
  3. Ask God to soften and prepare the hearts of their family members through the witness of their changed lives.
  4. Pray that God will give them opportunities to share about Jesus with others, even in the quiet private conversations they have with others.

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