Monthly Archives: September 2013

Ramadan Stories

During Ramadan in Morocco, life was turned upside down. Live during the night, try to sleep during day time. During Ramadan this year we had possibilities to share, even with people who are normally not that interested. We look back on a blessed season together, still lots of things to learn but we are certainly on our way!

We thank God for:
* The opportunities to share with Moroccans during Ramadan.
* Their openness to hear.
* God’s patience, He gives us lots of time and possibilities to learn.

We ask God for:
* Creativity and courage and boldness to share with Moroccans.
* Good follow up of the conversations we had during Ramadan.
* Language learning and skills to share the Good News.
* Picking up life and rhythm in time with God, work and sharing with others.