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\"Prayer Praise God for Algeria! Its a huge nation in North Africa and very significant. The church has experienced amazing revival among the Kabyle people in the last few decades. There are experienced national church leaders who are pastoring, discipling, teaching and praying for this nation. Its exciting to hear that a national missions committee has formed this year with an increased vision to reach their nation with the Good News of Jesus Christ. Just think on this for a moment. The early church was strong in North Africa. Some of our Christian faith\’s early church fathers were Algerians! They helped to form Christian theology as we know it. There is an ancient well of Christian history and experience that we are asking God to breath on and bring to life. We are asking that God strengthen the church in Algeria to be a blessing to North Africa. We are asking that Algerians be willing and able to share their faith in their nation and across the borders into the other nations of North Africa. This picture is a prayer for Algeria. Take a look at this picture. How does it inspire you to pray for Algeria today?

Spiritual Awakening — Turning to Christ Amidst Violence

When the Muslim Brotherhood took power Christians became targets of violence. Once the government was sacked Christians hoped that circumstances would change but it did not. More than 80 churches have been burned with many Christians killed. Winter is approaching and Christian families do not have enough clothes or blankets. However through hardship and violence Churches are united in a spirit of prayer everywhere. Christians are giving out a message of forgiveness to their Muslim neighbours. This forgiveness makes many Muslims discover the reality of Christianity and many of them come to know Jesus.

Thank God for establishing His kingdom in Egypt. Remain in prayer for this nation and ask God to strengthen the Christians in their faith. Ask God to reveal the depths of His love to every Believer.

–via 01/11/2013