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Jesus said: “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” (Mat. 11:28-29)

We bless the government of Mauritania today in Jesus’ name with freedom from corruption and integrity to stand up and speak out for justice. Root out greed and fill them with compassion for their nation.

Bread of Life

A Moroccan woman recently told a worker about a dream she had. The woman said that in her dream the worker’s husband came to her with a bag full of pieces of bread and a bottle of something to drink. The woman didn’t know what it meant and asked the worker for the meaning. The worker was extremely excited to tell her that she knew exactly what it meant. The worker told her about Jesus, the bread of life, and how the bread was in pieces because it is meant to be shared. The worker told the woman that her and her husband are in Morocco to share the Bread of Life and the living water. The woman was very excited to hear about it and is now reading stories about Jesus on a regular basis.

Praise the Lord! Pray for this woman as she discovers the Bread of Life and the Living Water! Pray she will open her heart to the stories of Jesus and accept him as her Lord. Pray for wisdom for the worker as she shares the stories and interprets the dreams! The woman frequently has dreams. Pray they will lead her to Jesus!

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New Believer in Algeria

The spiritual atmosphere during Ramadan in Algeria this year was particularly heavy and the brothers and sisters there were so happy to see its end. Yet despite the heaviness, God was working and they sent us the following report:

During this time and He heard all our prayers! Praise the Lord He was able to work powerfully in this time. I had to wait at an government office for some hours. There was a young lady that I shared with a number of times the truth about Jesus, and just last Friday she give her life to the Lord. God is working in Algeria, alleluia! Please pray for her to be faithful and thirsty to know Jesus more and grow in her faith quickly.

We lift up to you the pastors of Moroccan house churches today. We pray you would draw them close to yourself and grow their intimate love for Jesus. Teach them more how to listen to the voice of your Spirit. Lead them as they lead the Church. Amen!

We declare to all Libyans that the Word of the Lord is right and true; it is flawless, like silver refined in a furnace, purified seven times. He is faithful in all He does. (Ps 12:6; 33:4)

What is God doing among the Sudanese in Egypt?

A worker in Egypt shares with us :

Its encouraging to see F.O.C.U.S (Fellowship of Christian University Students) starting among Sudanese students in Egypt. Some of their leaders had some time with long-time Sudanese Christian leaders based in Egypt. 1700 new students from Sudan are expected to come to Egypt this year. Its a real mission field and we are expecting God to be doing great things! Join us in praying for a mighty move of the Holy Spirit in the Egyptian universities.

Nidjm El Din, a convert from Islam is now in Egypt. He is active sharing the gospel here. His wife (also a convert) was taken from him in Sudan. Sadly, the family of his wife in Sudan is trying to marry her off to someone else. Pray for God’s mighty encouragement for this brother. May God pour blessing upon blessing into him and his ministry in Egypt. May he be used mightily to reach the Sudanese people living in Egypt. Ask God to protect his wife in Sudan and to be her deliverer.

A meeting for Sudanese converts from Islam to Christianity has started in Egypt. It was very encouraging to speak in their Sunday service. During the service a convert from Darfur shared her testimony. Some of them participated in the protest in front of the Sudanese embassy in Cairo calling for the release of Meriam. (Meriam was recently released from Sudan : [])

For more information on helping Christians suffering because of their conversion from Muslim backgrounds, you can visit the website of an organisation called Set My People Free to Worship Me :
[]. Or find them on Facebook.

For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.
Romans 1:20

The Lord God has been clearly seen in Egypt and even understood in Egypt, pray that people would be drawn to Him, rather than letting their hearts be darkened.

Short Term Workers’ Experiences in Egypt

Small village near Kom Ombo
Small village near Kom Ombo

A week before a short term worker came to Egypt, they fell and sprained their ankle. Upon arrival in Egypt, the foot was still swollen and painful. The team leader asked a friend, who is a Muslim doctor, to take a look at the ankle. When the doctor came he filled a bucket with hot water and salt, kneeled down and started to clean the team member’s feet. Then he ran to the nearest pharmacy and brought back cream for the pain and medication for the inflammation. The following three nights he stopped by to check on the foot and have fellowship with the team.

“I was humbled by his compassion for me, that He would go out of his way to care so kindly for me and my foot,” reported the injured team member. “I saw the Love of God in this Muslim Doctor who is so close to getting to know the Lord. Pray that He would also experience God’s love for him.”

Later, the team leader also visited a muslim family where the mother had just been diagnosed with cancer. Prior to the visit the short term team spent time in prayer for the team leader’s conversations. Following the visit the team leader reported that during their conversation, one son admitted that Jesus died on the cross, a huge step for a Muslim!

Please continue praying for this family who are honestly seeking answers.