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More Insight to Inform Prayer

If you are interested in learning more about Islam, the Crescent Project is a very good resource. They are good at directing you to books, podcasts and conferences that will better equip you to minister to Muslims or to simply understand Islam and the way Muslims think. Check out their website at [].

Another resource that is highly recommended to better understand Islam is []. This website will answer many questions you have and will also help you understand the questions the national believers and workers will be asked in North Africa.

These resources will equip you to pray with more clarity for North Africa. When we understand the strongholds holding the hearts of North Africans we know exactly what to pray against and what to pray for.

Thank you for your commitment to pray for North Africa!

“I in them and you in me—so that they may be brought to complete unity. Then the world will know that you sent me and have loved them even as you have loved me.” –John 17:23

Pray for the body of Christ in Egypt for Unity and Humility.

It is our prayer Oh Lord that Tunisians will seek you, thirst for you in a dry and weary land. You are the living water! (Ps 63:1; John 4:13-14)

Life During Ramadan

During the last week of Ramadan I asked several people when the Night of Power would be – 50% answered with certainty. Then I asked when the end of Ramadan would be – 100% were uncertain.

“Insha’allah” (“If its God’s will”) is very frustrating when the normal rhythms of life has been put on hold in the name of Ramadan. Ramadan is often compared to the Christmas holiday. For families here, it may be compared to celebrating Advent except without all the stories. You prepare food for days, clean your house, make space for guests, take off from work, and spend a lot of yourself for others… Imagine preparing for the Christmas feast every night… for a month!! On top of that- you are FASTING from food AND water– with 100% uncertainty that any of this will be acceptable to God, but you hope it will be. This inspired my prayers a lot this year during Ramadan. Oh that our friends and neighbours would experience the love and assurance from Jesus!

On my street, the local mosque is just 4-5 houses down. During Ramadan they decided to increase the decibel level of the 6 speakers they have so more can be called to pray at the extra time of prayer added for Ramadan. They also forgot to check if the speakers will work well so there’s feedback too. But they do not stop to fix it because saying prayers are more important. These are the moments when religious zeal can turn any practical thinker against religion. However this is also when I need to switch from the eyes of man, and look to the ways of God; not to get angry, but to trust God — shouting while muffling my ears — “God, only you KNOW!!!!!” and “Only YOU can save!”. Yes, the Lord is faithful to show us our own hearts when the pressures rise. Thank God He does understand and thank God He forgives each time.

This year I believed that the Lord was telling me to stand firm in the freedom He’s given me. I’ve explained that I fast only to draw near to God and to petition for special requests. I drink water and may fast for longer than one day. My young language helper was amazed and said, “We HAVE to fast. It’s not a choice”. Then she talked about how she looked forward to the Night of Power because “whatever sins you have, if you’re sincere, God will grant you forgiveness.” This turned into a very interesting conversation.

Thank God for the many spiritual conversations that took place during Ramadan this year. Please continue to pray that Jesus will reveal Himself to people who are searching for the truth, and searching for the assurance of eternal life that we know comes through Jesus.

“Is not my word like fire,” declares the Lord, “and like a hammer that breaks a rock in pieces?” —Jeremiah 23:29

Lord, your word is like a fire, may it burn brightly in the Christians of Algeria today. And may your Word like a hammer smash through the hard hearts of muslims there! Amen.

Struggles for Christians in Egypt

A perspective from someone on-the-ground in Egypt:

We are very thankful for the peaceful presidential election back in May. President El-Sisi won with 96.9%; ten million more votes than former President Morsi got in the runoff of the 2012 election. It was clear that the majority of the Egyptian people wanted Sisi to be the president. The Muslim Brotherhood continues to try to destabilise the government through different terrorist attacks and suicide bombings. In spite of that, the security is getting better day by day. The government and the Egyptian people are determined to end Muslim Brotherhood’s atrocities.

Religious Freedom is still an issue and still there are problems. Two people are currently detained under Blasphemy law and one convert is in jail sentenced to six years imprisonment because he was reporting on the atrocities committed by Muslim Brotherhood against Christians in Minya.

For more information on helping Christians suffering because of their conversion from Muslim backgrounds, you can visit the website of an organization called Set My People Free to Worship Me.Set my people free to worship me

He disarmed the rulers and authorities and put them to open shame, by triumphing over them in Jesus –Colossians 2:15

We declare that Jesus has won the victory for Mauritania once and for all.

God has delivered us from the domain of darkness and transferred us to the kingdom of his beloved Son 
-Colossians 1:13

We ask for deliverance from spiritual bondages and strongholds for those who become followers of Christ. May they experience true freedom, hope and joy in their salvation.

Ramadan Stories

During Ramadan in Morocco, life was turned upside down. Live during the night, try to sleep during day time. During Ramadan this year we had possibilities to share, even with people who are normally not that interested. We look back on a blessed season together, still lots of things to learn but we are certainly on our way!

We thank God for:
* The opportunities to share with Moroccans during Ramadan.
* Their openness to hear.
* God’s patience, He gives us lots of time and possibilities to learn.

We ask God for:
* Creativity and courage and boldness to share with Moroccans.
* Good follow up of the conversations we had during Ramadan.
* Language learning and skills to share the Good News.
* Picking up life and rhythm in time with God, work and sharing with others.

We proclaim that Libyans who were not told about Jesus will see and understand the gospel of salvation through the Holy Spirit. (Rom.15:21)