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We pray for all the believers in the Tunisia to stand firm and not give up. The Lord rewards those who diligently seek him as the answer in all situations. (Hebrews 11:6)

Summer is a time of migration from Europe to North Africa as many North Africans working in Europe get the summer off to return to their roots. It’s a golden opportunity that some missions organisations, like Operation Mobilisation, take advantage of; distributing bibles and audio gospels in the European ports as muslims return home.

  • Pray for the Holy Spirit to be moving in the hearts of migrant North Africans this summer
  • Pray for perseverance for the workers enduring the sweltering Mediterranean summer to have an opportunity to share the gospel with a North African
  • Pray for the North Africans who will have contact with God’s word this summer vacation, that they would engage in it

Pray for Morocco: Tuesday, July 29

We pray this over the Moroccan Church today :

Therefore, there is now no condemnation for me, because I am in Christ Jesus. My sins have been washed away and I live in and through the Holy Spirit.
—Romans 8:1

I have been set free from sin and have become a slave to righteousness.
—Romans 6:18

I’m still waiting for fruit

A worker shares with us:

“You know, we’ve felt a shift take place in Morocco in the last year or so. More people are open to hear what we have to share. I feel like I am sharing the Gospel, and my testimony more often than I used to, and people are more eager to talk about the things I share. But, there are days when I feel a bit discouraged. I’ve been here for a few years now and I have seen none of my friends and contacts come to know Jesus. Some are quite interested, and I pray that God will bring them to the point of wanting to take that leap into His Kingdom. But its hard to go on, week in, week out, sharing and talking, but still have so little fruit. Sometimes I feel Satan try to bring discouragement and despair, telling me its not worth it all, and I should go home. Its hard to stand against that some days. I know God loves Morocco and He has a plan for this nation. I really believe a harvest will come, but I pray today that I will have the patience to wait for God’s timing, and to not give up. Can you pray this for me too?”

Let’s pray for this worker and many like them.

  1. Pray for encouragement
  2. Pray that God will strengthen them to keep going, keep sharing, keep sowing seeds and keep living in North Africa
  3. Pray that the Light of Jesus will shine through the lives and witness of the Christian workers in North Africa
  4. Pray for good health, provision and protection over workers
  5. Pray that God will give workers rest, fun, joy and abundant life as they serve Him in North Africa

Pray for Mauritania: Tuesday, July 28

We pray this over the Mauritanian Church today:

I am a fellow citizen in God’s Kingdom and a member of God’s household.
—Ephesians 2:19

My citizenship is in heaven and I am seated at Christ’s right hand in the heavenly realms, far above all rule and authority, power and dominion, and every title that can be given, not only in the present age but also in the one to come.
—Ephesians 1:20-21, 2:6

We as intercessors for North Africa declare that although the enemy try to blind the people and shut the gates of Jericho like in the time of the spies (Joshua 2:7), the walls will fall and the people set free to worship Father in spirit and truth.

Egypt – Ishmael’s Blessing

In Gen. 17: 20 God promised that He will bless Ishmael and his descendants saying “As for Ishmael, I have heard you. I will indeed bless him, make him fruitful, and give him a multitude of descendants. He will become the father of twelve princes; I will make him into a great nation”

Let our prayers be that The Lord may reach our brother Ishmael and his descendants with His love and salvation.

Pray for Hajj

September 21st to the 23rd Muslims from across the world will perform the required pilar of faith known as Hajj.

Praying through the Arabian Peninsula has put together a three-day, printable prayer guide to help you understand the ritual and how to effectively pray for Muslims who’ve decided this is their year, get it at their website (

The day when Muslims are on Mount Arafat, seeking forgiveness of sins; is Yom Kippur, the day Jews are seeking forgiveness of sins. This is happening because their calendars are aligning to make this happen.

The LORD is in his holy temple;
let all the earth be silent before Him
—Habakkuk 2:20

Lord, we bow in reference at your throne of Grace. We are awed by your love and mercy. We pray for all Tunisians to know that love as well.

Algeria is the largest country on the African continent in terms of land area and while the Kabyle (Berber) church has experienced huge growth in numbers, there are few Algerian Arab believers. Pray that the bond these arabs have to Islam would be loosed and that fears the fears of what accepting Christ might mean for an individual would be alliviated by the Holy Spirit. Pray for more Arabs to respond to the gospel and for strong Arabic churches to form and grow. Amen!