Monthly Archives: October 2015

Almighty God, may your Kingdom come, and your will be done in every level and aspect of society in Tunisia, we pray.

Father God we ask today that the upright would dwell in the governments of Algeria. Let those complete and blameless stay and cause a shaking and cut off the wicked. Let discretion preserve them and understanding keep them. Soften the hearts that are hardened through the deceitfulness of sin. Revive Your work in the midst, and let the glory of the Lord be revealed.

Father, just as you showered rain from your heavenly storehouse over Tripoli about a week ago, please send autumn rains in righteousness over the whole country. (Joel 2:23)

Year of The Lord’s favor

Thousands of Egyptian Christian Youth are gathering this weekend for OneThing conference which is focused on prayer, worship, and life dedication for Christ. The Slogan this year is “Year of the Lord’s Favor”. Let us pray for the Spirit of Fire and Holiness to come and touch the Egyptian youth and that event and bear lasting fruits in their lives.

Lord, today, we want to lift up the Tunisian economy before you. One in every six people live below the poverty line and unemployment has reached nearly 30%. We ask for your favour and blessing upon the government’s ‘Strategic Plan 2016-2010’ in Jesus name. Provide a standard against the enemy who wants to derail this process we pray.

As people in Algeria seek governments who will bring peace, we pray that men and women will rise up to this challenge. Father in heaven, we thank you for those having authority over us and ask you pour out your Spirit upon them. Make your Word known to them. Cause them to be men and women of integrity. Let wisdom enter their hearts and may knowledge be pleasant to them. Deliver them from the way of evil men.