Pray for Algeria: Thursday, April 30

A new believer in Algeria reports:

One time at home, we did not have anything to eat. We owed a big debt to the store where we bought our groceries. The owner stopped giving us an extension to pay up. My dad did not work. My brothers were going to school. Anyway, we did not know what to do. I started praying. All night, I asked God to provide for our needs for food. The next day early in the morning, my mom heard knocking on the door. No one was at the door. She just found on the floor a crib full of what we needed and more. It was incredible but what was highly unlikely was that three days later the crib was nowhere to be found to the point that my mom suspected that I returned it to its owner. So I said it was not me who took it but that it was God who sent it. Hearing this, my family made fun of me. But I was certain that mom kept this in her heart.

God doesn’t give up on anyone. Amen!

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