Pray for Morocco: Tuesday, September 11

Education reforms: “Spirit of Pluralism”

A new legal framework for education reform in Morocco was approved on August 20 after a meeting of the council of ministers, chaired by King Mohammed VI. It is part of a strategic plan for development in Morocco between 2015-2030.

This document mentions the need to revise curriculum and pedagogic methods in order to facilitate “the development of intelligence and critical thinking” in children that will in turn foster “a spirit of pluralism.”

The tone of this document marks a definite departure from prevailing pedagogic practices in public institutions that value rote learning within a Islam-centric framework.

How may these proposed reforms intersect with God’s transformative work in Morocco in the next 12+ years?

Pray that the execution of these reforms will pave the way for God’s Word and ways to enter into all domains of Moroccan society.

Pray for a movement of God’s spirit among ministers, educators, curriculum writers, and the up-and-coming generation of young teachers in Morocco. We ask the Lord to do what “only He could do” in the field of education in Morocco.

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