Pray for Morocco: Wednesday, December 19

Moroccan media referred to CTM’s decision to exclude Western Sahara as a “crime” against Morocco’s territorial integrity, considering it “a negligence that requires accountability and prosecution.” Morocco World News

Mauritania, along with Morocco, annexed the territory of Western Sahara in 1976, … Mauritania withdrew in 1979. … While most of Western Sahara has been occupied by Morocco, the UN still considers the Western Sahara a territory that needs to express its wishes with respect to statehood. A referendum is still supposed to be held sometime in the future, under UN auspices, to determine whether or not the indigenous Sahrawis wish to be independent, as the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic, or to be part of Morocco. Wikipedia

I don’t want to tell you what to think or how to pray about the little known territorial dispute of Western Sahara. But I would like to encourage you to study this point of friction for a lot of North African politics and pray for the people groups involved.

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