Justice for all girls

I recently met a 14 year old girl who just got free from indentured servitude. She was trafficked as a baby to a family, and started working for them as a servant as a young child. Now that she is free, her two biggest hopes are – to finally meet her birth mother, and to have the chance to go to school.

There are many other girls like her. In fact, the demand for baby girls to be groomed as servants explain why local orphanages tend to have many more boys than girls. In recent years, the government and grassroots associations have taken steps to combat human trafficking and child labour. However, changes on the ground are gradual .

Let’s take few minutes to listen to Father God. What does He want to say to the girls and young women in Morocco who are in situations of indentured servitude? What does He want to do for them? Acknowledge His Words and His heart as truth over these girls.

Then, pray

  • For strong advocates for girls among the rich (many have or had indentured servant girls), and among the poor (whose girls are most at risk to be trafficked).
  • For workers who are seeking to bring hope and freedom to exploited girls and women. Pray against discouragement; pray for kingdom impact.
  • For girls who are currently being exploited, or in any form of bondage to have supernatural encounters with Jesus as they cry out to God for help. May Jesus come to their rescue!

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