New Sounds

Maalouma is an internationally known singer and musician from Mauritania. She is also a senator and activist. Her music is unique in that it forges a new sound that combines the traditional stylistic streams of her country – the “black (African) way” and the “white (Arab) way,” with the blues and other contemporary styles. She boldly addresses controversial topics in her lyrics, using song as a means to give voice to victims of injustice. Her music was banned in Mauritania until 2005.

Here’s a track “Eden” from her 1998 album, Desert of Eden. (This is not a worship song,  just a excerpt of local music for cultural interest).


How can this lead us in prayer?

Getting a taste of the cultural scene of a country can provoke hope-filled imagination as we pray. We see but a shadow now, but one day we shall see in full.

Pray that:

  • Many more young men and women will be awakened to the possibilities of being creative cuture-makers like Maalouma. Most of all, that they will be awakened to the truth of the Good News and delight in the One who delights in them.
  • Singers and musicians will be raised up to sing new songs to the Lord. Jesus is worthy to be praised in Hassania Arabic, Pulaar, Soninke, Wolof, and all other dialects!
  • Wisdom and inspiration for workers as they seek to do works of justice in creative ways, ushering in the Kingdom in tangible ways.

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