Pray for Libya: Monday, February 15th

LENT 2016

The Middle East Eye reports:

Tunisia on Saturday completed construction of a barrier (including moats, barriers, watchtowers) along its border with Libya, months after attacks on its national museum and a beach resort that killed dozens of tourists. Two attacks claimed by the Islamic State (IS) group last year killed 59 foreign tourists, with Tunisian officials saying the assailants had trained in conflict-ridden Libya where IS is active. “Tunisia is capable of fighting against terrorism in an active and efficient way,” Horchani said during a tour of the barrier. It stretches about 200 kilometres from Ras Jedir on the Mediterranean coast to Dhiba further southwest, across about half the length of the frontier between the two neighbours.  Read the whole story at

How we can pray:

  • Pray for Libya at this difficult time.
  • Pray that ISIS will not take any more ground in Libya.
  • Ask God to give international leaders wisdom as they decide how to respond.
  • Pray that God will soften the hearts of many Libyans as they once again consider the perilous future their nation heads towards.
  • May many hunger and thirst for righteousness.
  • Pray for those who are afraid, to seek for God in earnest.
  • Ask Jesus to cause a mighty revival to come forth out of Libya in His time.
  • Pray for Tunisia and Egypt, the nations that border Libya.
  • Ask God to give them wisdom to know how best to intervene and protect their own nations.
  • Pray for protection on their borders.
  • Pray that in this season of great uncertainty in North Africa, that Jesus will be lifted high and draw many men, women and children to Himself.
  • Pray that God will be glorified and that His Kingdom will grow and be extended.

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