Pray for Mauritania: Wednesday, November 25

Political Map of Mauritania
O God, just as the disciples heard Christ's words of promise
and began to eat the bread and drink the wine in the suffering
of a long remembrance and in the joy of a hope,
grant that we may hear your words, spoken in each thing of every day affairs.
Coffee, on our table in the morning;
the simple gesture of opening a door to go out, free;
the shouts of children in the park;
a familiar song, sung by an unfamiliar face;
a friendly tree that has not yet been cut down.
May simple things speak to us of your mercy, and tell us
that life can be good. And may these sacramental gifts make
us remember those who do not receive them,
who have their lives cut, every day, in the bread absent from the table;
in the door of the person, the hospital, the welfare home that does not open;
in the sad child, feet without shoes, eyes without hope;
in the war hymns that glorify death;
in the deserts where once there was life.
—Rubem Alves

Prayers from the Heart, Richard Foster, HarperSanFransisco, 1994

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