Pray for Morocco: Tuesday, August 23rd

Good News upon good news

A French language local magazine recently published an article about 10 items of good news that happened in Morocco in 2016 so far (*see below for a translated summary).

The remarkable thing is that almost all of these new developments concern issues of justice and equity, while the rest relate to the arts and culture.

Praise God that there is a momentum for positive change in this country! 

While changes on paper take time to trickle down, these proposed reforms show that lawmakers are turning their attention towards the the poor and marginalized. Doesn’t this resonate with our Father’s heart?

How is He calling us to agree with Him in prayer that there is much hope for even more radical heaven-on-earth change in this nation?

How is He calling us to persist in proclaiming that the Good News of the gospel will have its way, and that social change is ultimately inadequate without “heart change” that only Jesus can bring?

Let’s pray for an unprecedented wave of changed hearts; a wave of powerful yet “unseen” change to accompany the changes that could be seen all around.

Here is a roughly translated summary of the 10 items of good news. See the original article in French.

  1. The parliament has finally passed a law prohibiting girls under 18 from working as domestic servants.
  2. This July, a bill has been adopted by the government council, which could potentially increase the number of people eligible to be covered by health insurance to up to 60% of the population.
  3. Plastic bags are now banned as part of an ambitious initiative to protect the environment.
  4. All sexist and discriminatory references (especially towards the handicapped) have been edited out of this year’s editions of government textbooks.
  5. Parts of downtown Tetouan (a northern town) is now accessible to people with reduced mobility, thanks to a EU project which is the first of its kind in Morocco.
  6. A fund is being established to help victims of terrorism and natural disasters.
  7. A doctor has recently received authorization to open a gynecological clinic that offers free treatment to Moroccan women in poverty, Syrian refugees, and Sub-Saharan migrants.
  8. The ruling Islamist party of Morocco has proposed a new law that would allow 10 days of paternity leave and and 2 extra weeks of maternity leave (*the current number of weeks is 14).
  9. Two new museums are opened, one in Tangier and another Marrakech. Museums are few in this country, so this is positive news.
  10.  In 2019, an Institute of Fine Arts is due to open in Fes. The project was approved in June.


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