Pray for Morocco: Tuesday, August 30

Thousands of Moroccan students abroad

This month, many young Moroccans are embarking on a new adventure as university students in the West.

Each year, around 3000 Moroccan university students arrive in Canada; mostly to the province of Quebec, especially to Montreal. In France, 30 000 students of Moroccan origin are enrolled in institutions of higher education. Hundreds of others go to the United States and other countries in Western and Eastern Europe.

What an opportunity for college ministries and churches to reach out with a warm “Marhaba” (Moroccan Arabic for “Welcome”)!

Moroccan culture welcomes foreigners with enthusiasm and unparalleled generosity. Let’s pray that these young Moroccan men and women, many of them abroad for the first time, will experience the welcome of our heavenly Father through the kindness and love of Christians.

Pray for:

  • Each student to experience Jesus’ love during their time abroad
  • College campus ministries and churches to catch a vision for reaching out to Muslims with love and power.
  • New friendships between Moroccan international students and Jesus followers on campuses across Europe and North America
  • “Daniel-s” and “Esther-s” to be raised up among Moroccan students for such a time as this, for Morocco and the world

So many people have encountered Jesus for the first time at university. May the “freedom” that college life in the West offer pave the way to true freedom in Christ for many Moroccan students!

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