Pray for Morocco: Tuesday, January 24th

“I want to learn English”
An increasing number of Moroccans, children, youth and adults, are learning English. An English-speaking visitor to Morocco will find that many are eager to practice speaking English. English language learning is promoted by the Ministry of Education as a way to facilitate the further developments in scientific research. English is in many respects overtaking French as a preferred “international language” for Morocco in the fields of business and tourism.

May the light and truth of the Kingdom be made known in Morocco in all the languages that are used by Moroccans, including English.

Pray for:

  • English teachers who are followers of the Way: May the presence and fragrance of Jesus make way for Him to be glorified in classrooms. May they be blessed with wisdom, patience and love as they teach. Pray also for open doors for more Kingdom-minded teachers to serve in classrooms across this nation.
  • English students, young and old: May their English language learning journey (which is often accompanied by critical thinking skills and creative modes of learning that are lacking in other subjects taught in local schools) lead them to a transforming encounter with Jesus.
  • Conversations in English: May there be many seed-sowing opportunities in these cross-cultural encounters in areas frequented by tourists. Pray for divine appointments between tourists who love Jesus and locals who are ready and willing to chat about Him.
  • Internet resources in English and other languages: May those who search find what they are truly seeking. Pray for the fruitfulness of websites and videos that proclaim truth. May those who find Him “share” widely, online and offline.
  • Eyes and hearts to be open to God’s valuing of all nations, peoples and languages, debunking a common notion that local dialects are somehow lesser in value. May the gospel impact and permeate Moroccan society from its roots to its dreams, from its heritage to its future.

"Praise the Lord, all you nations! Extol him, all you peoples." Psalm 117:1

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