Pray for Morocco: Tuesday, July 25

Continued unrest in the Rif region

A report from July 21st states:

Police in the northern Moroccan city of al-Hoceima have fired tear gas to disperse hundreds of protesters and stop them marching in defiance of government ban. Organizers from the al-Hirak al-Shaabi movement dubbed the demonstration the ‘million-man march’ and said it was aimed at protesting ‘against repression.’ Full article

The northeastern Berber region of Morocco (called the Rif) is caught up in a mass social movement that is protesting against injustice, corruption, marginalization and lack of basic infrastructure like adequate health and education facilities.

Let us call out to God for His Kingdom light to break through in the midst of this turmoil.

  • We declare hope over the Rif
  • We proclaim God’s goodness over the Rif
  • We pray for the love of God to sweep through the Rif
  • We pray for the hope, goodness and love of God to sweep through the Rif and spill over to other regions in Morocco
  • We stand with our brothers and sisters in Christ in/from the Rif, that they may be a blessing to their people for such a time as this
  • We pray that positive change will come about peacefully
  • We lift up Jesus as the Prince of Peace over this region

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