Pray for Morocco: Tuesday, November 22

Back to the stable

“Humility is the heavenly algorithm for social transformation. The rusty hinge of human history turns out to be the bended knee.” Pete Grieg, from “Dirty Glory” (2016)

Let’s lift up the Body of Christ throughout Morocco, expat churches and various home groups of locals and internationals. As Advent approaches,

  • How is He calling us to prepare our hearts to receive Him afresh?
  • How is He inviting us “back to that stable” where God met us in a family scene that is marked by weakness, poverty, and a simple, defiant faith?

In our worship, service, and meditation,

  • May we “enter into the humble stable” to adore Him with bended knee, declaring anew that we need Him, we trust Him and we choose Him.
  • May we encounter the glory of Immanuel – the glory of infinite love choosing to be born into a broken, finite world; the glory of a humble King.
  • May that glory keep us on bended knees, humbled before Him and before each other.
  • May that glory destroy any trace of apathy towards sin.

“… then I will hear from heaven, I will forgive their sin and heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:14

O Come, O come Immanuel.

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