Pray for Morocco: Tuesday, November 24

Cart selling fresh bread in Morocco.
Cart selling fresh bread in Morocco.
"Give us this day our daily bread." How do I pray those words, Lord?
I live in the context of abundance. I simply do not worry about where my next meal comes from.

Perhaps I should pray on behalf of those who really and truly live from one meal to the next.
And I do pray for them.
Yet, action on their behalf is the real prayer for the poor

I do need faith daily, Jesus, and strength and patience, and wisdom and love and so much more.
And real material needs too. "Give us this day our daily baby sitter." Is that how I pray for daily bread?

Teach me, Father, a life of daily dependence upon You
for all things - even for the bread that is already in the pantry.


Prayer by Richard Foster, Prayers from the Heart, HarperSanFransisco, 1994

  • Pray for the poor in Morocco. Pray for those who are trying to work among them.
  • Pray for success for ministries reaching the poor.
  • Pray for love-in-action to reach the hearts of the poor with the Love of Jesus.

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