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We have a report from workers in the field that they are wrapping up an in-country exploration in Tunisia looking for new opportunities to shed light in this dark context. They would appreciate your prayers for wisdom, direction and clarity on what the Father wants.

An Algerian Believer Shares

I believe it\’s time for Algeria – a time for change. Change of leadership. Changes to the economics. Change from so many things being centralized to being more open to others! Please pray that God will raise up new, strong, righteous political leaders for this nation, ready to lead when the time comes.

How to pray for Algeria now?

  1. pray for a good leaders for the nation and good shepherds for the church
  2. pray for the changing of systems in Algeria (education , social, all of the spheres in Algerian society)
  3. pray for development of tourism to bring in fresh winds and fresh income
  4. pray for freedom of religion
  5. I also believe we must pray for the women in Algeria: The women are prepared. Pray that they understand the real meaning of unity and go to encourage others! So pray also for the women believers to rise up and with the power of the Spirit be able to lead ministry to women. I feel it\’s a time for the women in this nation!

A worker shares the prayer they pray as they face the world map :

\”I say to the Lord, “Why would you not want to send a move of your Spirit in these places in order to bring transformation and glorify Your Son. You, Lord, care for the four million people of Mauritania with a life expectancy of 56, earning only $1000 a year per person and 20% living as slaves.”

We say, AMEN. Come, Lord Jesus, Come! Move in Mauritania and bring in a harvest of souls for your Kingdom